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Our Story

Lady Dye Yarns, LLC was started in July 2010 as a local indie dye yarn company. Diane Ivey started dyeing her own yarn because she realized that what was out there as far as yarn goes, just wasn’t creative enough for her. Diane took her love of street art and used that as an inspiration to create her own yarns.

It wasn’t until individuals in Diane’s knitting community started asking to purchase her yarn that she realize the potential to start a business created by something she loves, street art. Diane knew she had something in the knitting community that has not been seen before; therefore, Lady Dye Yarns began.

Statistics have shown that:

  • 53 million people in the United States, either knit or crochet
  • Lady Dye Yarns target audience of the 18-34 year olds is the fastest growing segment amongst knitters today. (However, Lady Dye Yarns is still geared towards EVERYONE).
  • We also know that 89% of knitters go online to purchase yarns and patterns
  • The number one reason our  target group knits is because knitting gives them the opportunity to be creative. Single colored cardigans do not speak to them.

This is where Lady Dye yarns come in: our colors are inspired by the urban environment around us and our pattern designs are simple and quick to knit. Lady Dye Yarn is a company geared towards everyone. Lady Dye Yarns is in yarn manufacturing industry Massachusetts was a center of fiber production and it can be again. Lady Dye Yarn, we are Eco-friendly, colorful, hand-dyed yarn company for the urban knitter

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