Self-Crowdfunding Campaign: Lady Dye Yarns Goes to Vogue Knitting Live!

Greetings Everyone,

If you are getting this message twice, I apologize. But it is a very important message that I need help with. Thank you for reading this long email.

As most of you know, I applied to Vogue Knitting Live late last week and heard back from them a couple of days ago. I’m really excited to be able to go there. Going to Vogue Knitting Live for me is not only about showcasing my work but an accumulation of how far I’ve progressed since my first show I did back in 2014 as well as highlighting the vision I have for my business. Which is not only selling yarn but introducing my new social media platform focusing on increasing diversity in the crafting industry and bring political and social justice issues to the forefront of “Craftism.”

We know there’s a lack of diversity in the crafting industry not just yarn, but sewing, quilting, weaving, etc. and it’s been too “passive progressive” in this industry. I want to see more people who look like the diversity country that we are. I’m using my journalism and political science degrees to launch something truly amazing. And being a woman of color in this industry, selling yarn is important as it’s my hope to encourage more people of color to start businesses in the industry.

I’m working with a strong advisory board and business coaches to make this happen. It was my intention anyway to do a crowdfunding campaign with one of the major crowdfunding platforms to raise money for building and launching my new social media platform but I am now also raising funds to  go to Vogue Knitting Live. 

HOWEVER, I want to make a personal appeal with all of you that’s different and more direct and I want to make this very simple. Furthermore, for the past three days, I have been self-crowdfunding and I raised enough for my booth space. This show is huge and also very expensive and I would like to continue to raise additional funds.

It’s unfortunate that many women own businesses have had to do multiple crowdfunding campaigns to raise money for their companies. And the number business owned by women of color fare no better. In an article in the Boston Globe, statistics show that:

  • In 2016, only 9 percent of the $71.7 billion in US venture capital funding went to companies with female founders, according to data prepared for The Boston Globe by the research firm PitchBook. That was down from 13 percent in 2015, which had been the highest level in years.
  • The numbers in Boston are marginally better: Last year, about 13 percent of Boston-area VC money went to firms with at least one woman founder, according to PitchBook data, though that, too, was a decline, from 18 percent in 2015.
  • Of the 530 venture capital deals in the Boston area in 2016, only 71 involved companies with at least one female founder. Those deals represented $800 million of the more than $6 billion invested.

I’m putting out my own crowdfunding campaign to support my company to go to Vogue Knitting Live, which cost $3500 and to support the cost of build my social media platform which is $2,000. This amount is small compared to the statistics I just shared, but this is actually the need for my business now to move forward in the direction I need to take to grow.

I’m offering two amazing incentives to keep it simple compared to other crowdfunding incentives.

  1. Whatever amount you donate. I’ll match that in a form of a gift certificate to shop online at Lady Dye Yarns to shop starting December 5th when all new colorways will be released. As well as a Lady Dye Yarns drawstring project bag. (My new colorways are amazing! Check out my Instagram feed. There’s something for everyone). In addition, I would do a spotlight on you for our online magazine.


  1. If you do not knit but have an organization/business, I will give your company 2 months of free advertising on my website as well as a Lady Dye Yarns drawstring project bag. In addition, I would do a spotlight on your organization of business for our online magazine.

Easiest way to support me is by clicking this link which will take you to my account and make a donation. Once I receive notice, I will send you your gift certificate link.

I truly appreciate everyone’s support over the years. Starting a business is no easy tasks. You have ups and downs, successful shows and not so successful shows. It takes a couple of years to find your footing in what your ultimate vision and business model are. I am very happy that after a short time of going through what every start up business goes through, I have found my footing.

Thanks for your support.


Diane Ivey aka Lady Dye


Diane L. Ivey

Founder & CEO 

Lady Dye Yarns, LLC