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Our Story


Lady Dye Yarns, LLC is an eco-friendly indie-dye yarn business that creates vibrant and colorful hand-painted yarns, accessories, and knitwear designs inspired by street art and city living.  Started in June 2010, Lady Dye Yarns (LDY) aims to be a leader in urban knitting and crafting, and a fresh presence in an industry that has historically lacked diversity.

Demands for LDY have steadily increased since the company was born. After starting the business six years ago by selling hand-dyed yarns to friends and family, LDY  began to sell at small craft fairs and now has developed an online presence and attending national shows.

As a women of color and  small business owner, Lady Dye Yarns is an LLC solely owned by founder Diane Ivey.  Over the past eight years, LDY has operated with Diane Ivey serving as Founder and Creative Director, with support from several commission-based sales representatives based regionally around the country. LDY is guided by a volunteer Advisory Board.


Products and Services

The centerpiece of LDY’s unique product line is hand-dyed yarns. Inspired by graffiti and other street art, LDY’s yarns are unlike any others in the marketplace. What makes the yarns unique is in the unique, one-of-a-kind results that come from hand-dyeing small batched of high quality yarn. Most major manufacturing company and larger indie dyers who are more concerned about quantity, LDY believes that when you dye yarn in small batches, you have better control of the quality. We use a very special dye that as of now, no one is using in the industry. In addition, Diane, has a strong understanding of color theory, therefore, blending and creating color-ways that are unique. Collectively, these features contribute to the LDY uniqueness and “look” and are what set LDY apart from other indie-dyers and larger manufacturers.





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