December 2015: Barbara Siletsky

I had the opportunity to sit down this past Sunday with an incredible woman and friends, Barbara Siletsky. I met Barbara ten years ago when I moved to Boston and I joined her knitting group. This podcast episode is “straight-talk” conversation with a fun and caring woman about her experience growing up in Boston as a young Jewish girl and what the “knitting scene” was like. We discussed Barbara’s hope for future generations when it comes to diversity in our world since she has a smart and wonderful granddaughter, Jordan, who is bi-racial. Barbara always keeps it real and that’s why I love hanging out with her! As we continue the discussion about diversity in the yarn industry, I wanted to take the time to interview someone who has been knitting for a long time and who could offer their own perspective on knitting. Provide personal stories and experiences. Give wisdom to us “young folk” about the future. I had the honor to interview Barbara. We hope you enjoy!

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