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What is a Rebel with a Cause 2020?
The Rebel with a Cause Project is a media source to bring together individuals in the crafting community to a platform specifically to engage us all in the upcoming election. We believe RWC can bring institutional and sustainable changes in our crafting community through the podcast tour, Be The Change, and the online media platform.

Why is RWC Important to the Crafting Community?
For the last nine months we have had an ongoing conversation about diversity and inclusion in the crafting community. We have heard from many voices from all aspects of the online community. I believe that it’s important to continue to move the conversation forward towards greater changes within the system. I want to utilize my professional background and knowledge to talk to people from different communities across this country face-to-face and online through my Rebel with a Cause (RWC) 2020 project.


COST: $19 CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP:  As many of you know, I am planning a year long tour called “Be the Change.” It will be a relaunch of my podcast and my goal is to travel across the country to different yarn store communities to have an open discussion on race, diversity, inclusion, and current events in politics. The cost for my team to come can be expensive for a lot of yarn stores so I have come up with an idea to raise money for this tour to support the cost of yarn stores. We are calling this the 19th Amendment Centennial Collaboration. Next year marks the 100th anniversary of the right for women to vote. Romi Hill is designing something very special to commemorate this anniversary and I will be dyeing the yarn to go with the design which will be 300 yards of our superwash single ply mini skeins. We will have the colors from the Women’s Suffrage Movement represented. The cost of this collaboration will be $19 and ALL of the money will go towards the cost for this tour in order to lower the cost for yarn stores. We have 500 slots open and we hope that you can share with your network and sign up as well. Please click link in bio to sign up. THESE WILL BE MAILED OUT last week November


COST: $65 CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP: For this club, you will decide which you want. November Club is Lord of the Rings vs. Game of Thrones which will be mailed out November 1st (deadline will be October 7th) Choose one… your package will be based on that theme. The yarn colorway inspiration will be based on movies and series. In those clubs you’ll receive: @ladydyeyarns- a skein of yarn from Lady Dye Yarns; @mrsumakes- stitch markers based on the theme of that month; @crochetluna – a  button; @beantownteaspices- artisan tea.


COST: $60 CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP: These Kits ship out October 30th. Lady Dye Yarns and Corrado Lark have a collaborated together to bring you a fun shawl kit. In the kit you will receive. PentaBat Knitting Pattern; Three Skeins of Lady Dye Yarn (fingering)colorways are: Kiev, Joker, Georgia Pecan; Project Bag. WE LOVE COLLABORATIONS




COST: $40.00 CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP: These Kits ship out December 5th. My 40th birthday is in December and 40 is a big milestone and I would like to put a surprise kit together for all those who sign up. The package theme is Winter Wonderland. There will definitely be bright, sparkly, and “blingy” items in this package! Yarn will be include as well as a pattern. Everything else is a surprise!



COST: $250  CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP: This package will include 25 items that are selected from BIPOC and LGBTQ businesses in the crafting industry. Diane (Lady Dye Yarns) has compiled a list of her favorite crafts from BIPOC and LGBTQ business for this package. This holiday season, she is putting a kit that you will receive the last week in November. Each day you will open a package and receive a handcrafted item ranging from stitch markers, project bags, yarn, buttons, organic lotions, patterns, and so much more! On Dec. 13th and 25th will be yarn from Lady Dye Yarn. Dec. 13th (which is Diane’s birthday) will be a sock blank and Dec. 25th will be mini-skein bundles. Space is very limited! Sign Ups end October 31st.


COST: $225.00 CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP: Nubian Queen Kit-celebrating diversity and black excellence in the crafting community and across the world! This amazing sweater was designed by Sylvia Watts-Cherry. We feel very lucky and blessed to do this exclusive collaboration with her. These kits include the yarn and pattern to make this phenomenal sweater. WE ARE LIMITED. We ONLY have 150 kits and we ARE ONLY PREORDERING 50 KITS before Vogue Knitting Live NYC. The rest of the kits will be sold at the show next year January. ALL PREORDERS SHIP OUT NOVEMBER 15th



1 thought on “Great Opportunities to Shop Lady Dye Yarns!”

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I just received my Summer Palooza box. Each piece is amazing and so thoughtfully planned. I started with the July collection. I appreciate the beautiful work that went into the @TanneiCasey bag. It is almost too beautiful to use. It is the perfect size to carry, knitting, a wallet and a phone. A Needle runs through it complimented the offering with the cutest stitch markers I have ever seen. The journal will be handy in keeping track when I start Red Freckles with the softest sock yarn from Jilly and Kiddles.

    For now, I am having my Coffee by Kee and casting on the Clinkerbell Cowl in a very fun FlowerPower Dreamboat DK. Thank you for a perfect segway in to fall knitting.


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