The Craftivist Box

$85.00 now, and $85.00 on the 3rd day of every 3rd month

This is a Quarterly box is also a year-long fundraiser: $5 for each subscription will go to Vote Save America

These boxes are planned to ship approximately 7 weeks after each payment (3rd week of the 2nd month).

The Craftivist Box brings Lady Dye Yarns back to our roots of activism and craftivism. This box will have craftivist themed yarn, stitch markers, project bags, buttons, stickers, and so much more. We believe in raising awareness and taking action on social justice issues. As a business Lady Dye Yarns has actively engaged with the crafting community in not only the urgency to vote but the political issues that are directly affecting marginalized communities across this country. We will use the opportunity that our platform has allowed to create a box that brings awareness and action to political and social issues. ​We hope you sign up for this quarterly subscription box and learn more about craftivism.

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First payment: September 3, 2022

The information below is about how The Craftivist Box will operate:

Registration Timeframe:

August Box:

  • Renewal payments charge July 3rd.
  • New registration begins June 29th and will last thru July 31st.
  • Packages will be delivered 3rd week in August.

November Box:

  • Renewal payments charge October 3rd.
  • New registration begins October 4th and will last thru October 18th.
  • Packages will be delivered 3rd week in November.
Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 15 × 11 × 2 in


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