Who We Are

Diane Ivey - Owner and Creative Director

Diane Ivey is the owner and Creative Director of Lady Dye Yarns, an indie-dye yarn company since 2010. A knitter for 18 years and a dyer, spinner and crocheter for 13, Diane looks forward to not only expanding her company but using her expertise in growth and expansion with other BIPOC businesses to grow on a national scale. She spent 16 years in the non-profit sector. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Mass Communication with a concentration in Print Journalism from Georgia College & State University. She also holds a Masters in Public Administration with a concentration in Non-Profit Management from Suffolk University.

“Our freedom and our equality is tied to each other no matter what race, gender identity, socio economics, or background. If we all want equality in pay, work, reproductive rights, and more, we must work together as one.”

Claudia Carpenter - Operations Manager

Claudia Carpenter holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art and has over 20 years experience in administration and bookkeeping. She started crafting in late 2013 with a simple crochet scarf and hasn't stopped crocheting since. Claudia launched her business, Crochet Luna, in 2014. Seizing the opportunity to combine her love of the fiber arts and graphic design; Claudia, created a small business in designing buttons for the crafting community. Her company is where crocheters, knitters, and all-around crafters can find products to express their love of the fiber community. In the Spring of 2017, her first episode of the Crochet Luna Vlogcast on YouTube began where she highlights the beauty of crocheting.

“Any opportunity I have where I can demonstrate the beauty of crochet, I will gladly take. It is not easy to be a small business owner, even less easy when you are a person of color. It is especially important for those who have a platform to make opportunities for those who struggle to make their talents visible and appreciated.”

Claudia is a happily married mother of two who lives in San Diego, California.

Evelyn Metzler - Administrative Manager

Evelyn Metzler has a background in architectural design, drafting, and office management. She joined the Lady Dye Yarn team at the end of 2019. Evelyn is a crocheter, wife, and mother to two children. She also enjoys doing arts & crafts with her kids, gardening, and reading a good book. Evelyn resides in San Diego, California.

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