Rebel with a Cause

What is a Rebel with a Cause 2020?

The Rebel with a Cause Project is a media source to bring together individuals in the crafting community to a platform specifically to engage us all in the upcoming election. We believe RWC can  bring institutional and sustainable changes in our crafting community through the podcast tour, Be The Change,  and the online media platform.

Why is RWC Important to the crafting community?

For the last nine months we have had an ongoing conversation about diversity and inclusion in the crafting community. We have heard from many voices from all aspects of the online community. I believe that it’s important to continue to move the conversation forward towards greater changes within the system. I want to utilize my professional background and knowledge to talk to people from different communities across this country face-to-face and online through my Rebel with a Cause (RWC) 2020 project.

What will RWC provide?

  • Civics 101 resources

  • Database and voting record for each democratic candidate for the presidency on issues and policies.

  • Reliable news articles and editorials written from people in the crafting community and articles from reliable news sources in mainstream media.

  • A very cool interactive map will be created to engage people in all 50 states to connect in-person and attend town hall, meetups, rallies, etc. together.

  • BE THE CHANGE TOUR: Diane of Lady Dye Yarns will travel across the country to different yarn shops with other individuals in the crafting community having a discussion on diversity and inclusion in the crafting industry as well as issue happening in national politics. (If you are yarn store interested in having Diane come to your shop, please contact through

A lot of work is going into putting together a craftivists, political, and social justice platform for our community in which we hope will extend past 2020. This is a start-up project but this is about mobilizing and bring use together. This may be a project within the Lady Dye Yarns brand but it will involve dozens of bipocs and non-bipocs within this crafting community.

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