Be the Change Tour Information and Dates

What is Be The Change Tour?

Diane of Lady Dye Yarns launched a podcast a couple of years ago discussing issues about diversity and inclusion in the crafting community. Over the last two years, the podcast was shelved so she could work on her yarn business.

Now that the business is flourishing, she wants to focus her attention on having a much needed in-person conversation with people in the crafting community on racism and inclusion. She is focusing on traveling across the country to different yarn shops with other individuals in the crafting community having a discussion on diversity and inclusion in the crafting industry as well as issue happening in national politics.

How many yarn stores will Be the Change Tour be at?

Diane is aiming to be at 20 yarn stores starting in January up to the 2020 election. Hopefully visiting two yarn stores a month.

What are the dates of the tour?

In addition, to this project, Diane runs her yarn company, Lady Dye Yarns. Therefore, the dates of when she is available is based on shows she has throughout the year as well as availability.

These are the tentative weekend dates Diane will be doing the tour in 2020:

  • January: 10th-11th and 24th-25th
  • February: 14th-15th and 28th-29th
  • March: 20th-21st and 27th-28th
  • April: 3rd-4th and 24th-25th
  • May: 1st-2nd and 22th-23rd
  • June: Week long tour 15th-20th
  • July: 17th-18th and 24th-25th
  • August: N/A
  • September: 18th-19th and 25th-26th
  • October: Month Tour “Get out the Vote”
  • November: Election Day Event, Boston TBD

How much does it cost the yarn store to have Diane and her tech team to come to a yarn store?

The total cost is $4,000. This covers all travel and lodging expenses as well as the cost of professional audio and video tech assistants.


Will Diane do a trunk show at the yarn stores?

Only if the yarn store would like to have Lady Dye Yarns to have a trunk show. If there will be a percentage the yarn store gets to keep.


Where can my yarn store sign up to reserve our spot to have Diane and her team come to our store?

Please email Diane at diane[at]

What if a yarn store cannot afford the cost?

Stores interested in having Diane and her team come should reach out to via email at diane[at]

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