Rebel with a Cause 2020

 Image credit: Rosie the Riveter (Modern)

By Diane Ivey

I hope that you all can join me in September for the launch of my new project, Rebel with a Cause 2020 which will be a media outlet focusing on providing, media, data, events, and for crafters to connect with each other involved in politics for the 2020 election and beyond. The official launch will be in September with the new website and we have a crafting club out now that will be part of the launch and we hope that you all will sign up for it.

The club is called Badass Craftivism Club.  We also launched a new IG handle: @rebelwithacause2020 (please follow). I want to add that the money from the September Badass Craftivism Club will go to pay the other businesses providing items in the club but the rest of the money is being used to actually pay people to be guest writers and freelance photographers for this project. I plan to use this money as seed money to get it started and during the summer work on other revenue streams to keep this project going.

We have one year and five months until the 2020 election AND in 2020 marks the 100th anniversary of the Women’s Suffrage Movement. So much has happened since November of 2016. Many of us have been engaged in politics and had to “tune out” at certain points because it became too much. When I think back to November 2016, the #pussyhat movement was a REACTION to what happened and I want to use Rebel with a Cause 2020 as being PROACTIVE and “tuning in.”

I would like to put one of my degrees to use and support the craftivism community. I truly believe come late September, after we enjoy our summer and get through Labor Day weekend, we need to start tuning in to what’s going on and really being proactive in this process. Since 2016, many of us have marched, call our representatives and so much more. We have to keep this going. I hope you can join me in the project and keep the #resistance going strong! #rebelwithacause

The September Badass Craftivism Club will include:

@ladydyeyarns variegated colorway with colors representing the Women’s Suffrage Movement
@mrsumakes– stitch markers based on the theme of that   month
@crochetluna – a button
@beantownteaspices– artisan tea
Civic 101 information with material related to the state you   are in regarding primaries



Diane  L. Ivey aka Lady Dye

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